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Cool Water Pool & Lawn Service

Small Company With Big Outcomes

James Jones, founder of Cool Water Pools & Lawn Service, a swimming and landscaping company, takes pride in turning an ordinary backyard into an oasis.

James, a Philadelphia native, began his career in the food industry many years ago. He enjoyed the creativity of food, but it wasn’t until his interest in outdoor renovations and experience of pools and hardscapes in previous careers, that he discovered a new journey that would exemplify the best of both worlds… innovated creativity according to customer requests and witnessing their smiling faces of at the completion of the project.

James has been building, renovating, and servicing inground swimming pools for over a decade. He is enthusiastic and takes pride in customer satisfaction thereby considering his customers his family. Despite being a small company, he has built over 300 inground swimming pools with pool accessories and lazy rivers. His reputation of small company but big outcomes has his services extended from upstate Delaware to the Maryland line with the majority of referrals given by word of mouth. James is known for his promptness and superior professionalism.

James currently lives in Millsboro, Delaware with his wife of 19 years. He has a son at Pittsburgh Technical College pursuing a degree in culinary arts. He enjoys spending time with his family and watching the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial. 

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